• Britton Spader

Why Active Wellness?

Are you tough enough to live your life to the fullest as you desire to?

Sometimes we can get derailed with injuries, discomfort, poor nutrition or lack of sleep.

NIKKEN is a 45 year old company that leads the field with products and technologies designed to help people toughen up their wellness and live a healthier life in a safe and pro-active way. 

A healthy life-style is an active one and easy to achieve with NIKKEN. 

For the past 27 years, thanks to the great Vincent Spader, many people close to me have benefited from incorporating their products into their daily lives and you can too.

Toughen up your wellness and live life to the max. You deserve to. Be tough enough.

Koby Spader, despite battling a torn labrum, was able to get the edge he needed to win the SD State Track meet with a record breaking throw. NIKKEN has helped him become tougher and it can help you too.

Follow this link to pursue a better path towards wellness.

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